Climb of Hoverla (2061m) - the highest point in Ukraine

Winter climbing is a hard experience and a big drive.
Поход выходного дня
1-2 days

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Climb of Hoverla. Classic. There is no higher mount in Ukraine.

Winter climbing is a hard experience and a big drive.

Deciding to climb Hoverla you get a wonderful opportunity to spand two great days in a nice company of professional alpinists,  to feel yourself as a real climber, to ascend the highest summit of Ukraine, to feel full happiness from this kind of experience. The view wрich you will see from Hoverla is considered as the most beautiful in the Carpathian mountains.  After the foto session of proud and happy climbers on the top, our team will descent to shelter where  you can relax in a real carpathian bath* with sauna switches from spruce, aroma oils and with funny stories of your guides.

Hoverla (2061m) is the highest point of Ukraine, situated on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattia regions on Chernogora mountain group. It has a cone form and is covered by alpin meadows, dwarf shrub heath, particularly by loosened rock. At the bottom of mountain there is  a waterfall and one of the source of the river Prut. Hoverla is situated in a protective zone of Carpathian reserve. It is popular object of summer and winter tourism. In winter time the summit is classified as сlimbing 1A.

Petros (2020 м) is one of the highest summits of Chernogora mountain range, located on the north-west end of the range between Sheshul and Hoverla mountains in Rakhiv district, Zakarpattia region. West and east sides are arduous with many  stones, north and north-east sides are scarp with crags. There are a lot of bushes  (low juniper, rhododendron), blueberry brakes and spruce forest (bellow 1530-1600 m). Sometimes in winter there are avalanches. Tourist shelter is situated on the south sides below subalpin meadow Rogneska.

* If desired, the price does not include

Maximum altitude: 2061 m Goverla, Petros 2020 m
Best season: all, except the winter, but in winter climbing is possible too

The first tourist itinerary on Hoverla was laid in 1880.

Program "Climb of Hoverla" is for in general healthy people and teen-agers  from 12 years old (not in winter and accompanied by adults) without previous experience of trekking in mountains. SPECIAL SKILLS ARE NOT REQUIRED!

The group is accompanied by professional guides of service-group PLAN B, only high quality certificated equipment and modern navigation tools are used. All this guarantees as maximum as possible level of your safety and comfort.

Program "climb of hoverla" day by day:

Day 1 – group meeting on the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk, transfer to tourist hostel "Zaroslyak", accomodation in the shelter or in houses. Climbing preparation, tales about mountains.

Day 2 – climb of Hoverla, foto session, descent to tourist hostel. Dinner. Departure to Ivano-Frankivsk, on the railway station at 6 p.m.

you have to be ready for:

- staying in tourist hostel,
- trekking 7hours per day, light bags with your video- and foto- cameras,
- air temperature: in summer +18+25 C°,in winter -15-0 C°,

- unforgettable impressions from a wonderful nature, high mountains, new acquaintances.

usually there is no extra payment during the tour - all inclusive

the price includes:
- transfer from Ivano-Frankivsk to the shelter and back,
- food in tourist hostel: 1st day- super, 2nd day-breakfast and dinner,
- payement for visit of Carpathian reserve,
- services of guides,
- rent of group first aid kit and navigation tools.

Fotos of our previous travels see on page:  Fotothe price does not include:
- transfer to the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk,
- food out of program during travelling,
- rent of personal equipment (10-20 UAH for one thing per day), for winter time it can be necessary to take crampons, ice-axe,
- insurance

- the number of participants can be different, only the cost changes in this case

- almost always it is possible to change level of your comfort in tour. We can be accompanied with professional doctor, cook, photographer. The overnight stops can be organized at a higher lever
- there can be some changes in the day program caused by weather, preparation, well-being of a group (difficult meteorological conditions, weariness...), it is the guide who decides ,
- individual approach,
- if desired the program plan can be changed,
- we consult our groups about Carpathian mountains,

booking this tour, sending your request, - you make a first step for participation in tour. All necessary information will be sent on your e-mail address and the main contact will be via internet. 

One-two or even three-day tours with climb of Hoverla and Petros.

You can choose any (these itineraries are organised if there are groups consisting of 6 people and more).

№1 tourist hostel Zaroslyak-Hoverla-Zaroslyak
№2 vil. Bogdan-river Bogdan-Harmaneskul-Petros-Hoverla-Zarosliak
№3 vil. Lugy (vil. Hoverla)-Berbeskul stream-mount Hutyn Tomnatik-mount Rebra-mount Turkul-mount Dantsyzh-mount Breskul-Hoverla- Zaroslyak
№4 vil. Lugy (vil. Hoverla)-Hoverla river- Ozerniy strem-Breskul-Hoverla-Zaroslyak
№5 vil. Bystrets-ручей Marysh stream-Hadzyna stream-Turkul-Dantsyzh-Hoverla-Zaroslyak
№6 vil. Dzembronya (vil. Berestechko)-Dzembronya stream-Menchul-Brebeneskul-Rebra-Тurkul-Dantsyzh-Hovela-Zaroslyak
№7 vil. Kvasy-subalpin meadow Menchul-Petros-Hoverla-Zaroslyak 

Itinerary №1 - week-end trekking the easiest and short, for 1 day 
№4 - not difficult, for 2 days
№6 - the most difficult, but the most exciting (travers of almost all Chernogora range), 2-3 days
№2 - the longest, rare, 2-3 days
№3, 5 and 7 of similar complexity and time, 2 days  

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Winter climbing is a hard experience and a big drive.
Winter climbing is a hard experience and a big drive.
Winter climbing is a hard experience and a big drive.
Winter climbing is a hard experience and a big drive.
Winter climbing is a hard experience and a big drive.
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