Georgia. Classic ascent of Kazbek (5033 m)

Активный тур
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Time travel: 
08/07/2018 to 16/07/2018
20/07/2018 to 28/07/2018
11/08/2018 to 19/08/2018
01/09/2018 to 09/09/2018
9 days, 8.07, 20.07, 11.08, 1.09
Trip format: 
Ascent with overnight stays in tents and guesthouses, backpack weight 15-20 kg

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Active tour. Legendary summit surrounded by magnificent sites. An interesting and rather easy ascent. Astonishing views. A wonderful alternative to Elbrus ascent. Contact us +38099-5000-111 for any questions

High above the family of peaks,
Kazbek, your royal tent
Shines with eternal rays…(А.Pushkin).

Kazbek is a majestic summit, which had inspired many travelers and poets for centuries. Every year it attracts more and more attention. As situation in Russian Caucasus has aggravated we propose you to climb mount Kazbek. For the time being it is a safer and interesting alternative to mount Elbrus ascents. Kazbek is your Plan B. Plan that works. Kazbek and Elbrus are very much alike. As a five thousand meters mountain Kazbek is only 600 meters lower than Elbrus, this gives an advantage while climbing and simplifies acclimatization. Kazbek is also of volcanic origin, it is a legendary summit with wonderful views and beautiful sites around. The mount is situated in the south-east of the Greater Caucasus Range, at the Georgian-Russian border. The program of classic ascent to Kazbek is rather easy and it will be interesting for both beginners and professional climbers.

During this tour you will get technical and alpinist experience as well as learn basic skills required for future alpine ascents, for example, in trekking by Nepal. 

The ascent starts in Kazbegi (Stepanatsminda) village, where you can find many historical and cultural sites. Thus, if you'll have an opportunity and desire you can add exciting excursions to your tour. 

This small Georgian adventure finishes with trip to Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia. You will also visit Djvari temple, situated high above the junction of Kura and Aragvi rivers, and enjoy Kakheti wine tasting tour. We also suggest you to visit the remote region of Georgia called Svanetia in our tour "Georgia. Trekking by Svanetia". This is a land of severe mountains, Svan tovers and the people who have never been conquered by anyone.

While climbing to Kazbek you will not only get a lot of pleasant and thrilling impressions, overcoming the difficulties of ascent, but you will also get acquainted with real Georgia - an amazing and hospitable country. You will enjoy true Georgian cuisine and taste Kakheti vines, sunbathe under bright mountain sun and fill yourself up with southern energy, Georgian humor and love for life. You will wish the trip to never end.

You can get good acclimatization in mountain hike "Volcanos, narzans, Kazbek" with magnificent views of Kazbek and taste dozens of narzans, making ascents to several volcanos on your way.

We recommend you not to limit yourself only with ascent. You should spend more time in Georgia. We can propose you wonderful excursions by the whole country or separate regions (Kakheti, Borjomi,...), seaside rest and many other cool things. We will arrange transport and accommodation for you...Do not hurry up! Enjoy!

Maximum altitude: 5033 m
Best season: July-August


Day 1 – meeting in the city, accommodation at the hotel (hostel), excursion by Tbilisi, Georgian cuisine

Day 2 – transfer to Kazbegi (Stepanatsminda) village, overnight stop near monastery Tsminda-Sameba, 2200 m, tents

Day 3 – climb on a flat ridge to the mountain pass Sabertse, overnight stop near river crossing, 3000 m, tents

Day 4-5 – active acclimatization on Kazbek side hills, overnight stop on the moraines near the "Meteostation" shelter, 3700 m, tents (or a night in the building of meteostation for extra payment)

Day 6 – ascent by moraines and glacier to the Kazbek pass, snow-and-ice training, overnight stop near the pass, 4300 m, tents

Day 7 – climbing to Kazbek mount, 5033 m, to the Eastern summit by the classic route, descent and overnight stop near shelter “Meteostation”, the most difficult day, tents

Day 8 – descent to Kazbegi (Stepanatsminda) village, transfer to Tbilisi, accommodation at the hotel (hostel)

Day 9 – reserved day in case of bad weather (if the day is not used, we will go on excursion to Mtskheta, Djvari temple, taste Georgian wines), departure.

you should be ready for:

- 5-6 days of living in conditions with limited comfort,
- the tour is organized in a form of expedition, where the participants arrange their everyday life. Group equipment, food and cooking duties are equally divided between the participants. The participants put tents and cook themselves,
- the backpack weight is up to 20 kg (if you wish you can carry your backpack on horses to the "Meteostation" for extra payment),
- air temperature at more than 3000 m height can fall down to -5-0°C at night

450€ - standart program / 600€ - full program

the price of standart program includes:

- guide services (if the group consists of more than 5 participants it will be accompanied by the  second guide),
- Tbilisi-Kazbegi (Stepanatsminda)-Tbilisi transfer,
- staying in tents and food during the ascent (hot breakfast and supper, lunch),
- rent of group equipment (tents, climbing ropes, first aid kit, kitchen and navigation tools),
- medical insurance

the price of standart program doesn't include:

- the cost of transfer from your place of residence to the start point of the program (Tbilisi) and back,
- rent of personal equipment,
- food and payment for residence in localities (Tbilisi, staying in hostel and food is from 25$ per day, in 3 stars hotel - 30-35$ including breakfast),
- transfer to Tsminda-Sameba monastery (if you wish),
- food and drinks during transfers,
- excursions, degustations, Roman baths...

Ukrainian and Russian citizens don't need Georgian visa     How to get to Tbilisi, Batumi, Zugdidi

Weather and maps: 10-days weather forecast in Kazbegi, air temperature statistics in Kazbegi, map of Georgia, map of Tbilisi, map of Kazbek

Other tours: hike by Georgia. Mount Laila ascent   hike by Lower Svanetia   mount Tetnuld ascent   horse tour   ski tour in Gudauri... All this will help you to know Georgia better.

You can see photos from our past trips in the photo section "Mount Kazbek ascent", "Kazbek 2013. August" and "Tbilisi and Mtskheta"

- when you book a place in the tour you should pay 250prepayment and send scans/copies of tickets,
- the indicated price of the tour is for 4 persons, if the tour is ordered for a smaller group, the price shall be specified individually,
- for 4-5 person groups individual dates, trip schedule, services and route can be arranged,
- special requirements for participation in the tour: the absence of diseases incompatible with active tourism,
- the guide's decisions during the ascent are final and shall not be discussed. When taking part in the trip you certainly agree with all terms and conditions specified in the tour description,
- please, read the useful information when preparing for the trip

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