Horse trekking in Svanetia. Georgia

Horse trekking in Georgia
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9 days

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Horse riding tour. Mountain trekking. Wonderful trip to Georgia. A trip for those who love to travel on horseback and on foot, enjoy mountains, are ready to taste true Georgian hospitality, seek for an interesting company and are not afraid of adventures.

The sun heats the ground, the wind lashes your face, the leaves touch your cheeks, the rein blows up, the hoofs beat the trails - welcome to the horse trekking in Georgia!

Without backpacks

Horse trekking tour is a fascinating, thrilling and unforgettable adventure. Riding a horse always gives you a new extraordinary feeling of flight and admiration, uplift and inspiration. This is an opportunity to get closer to the amazing nature world, as your four-footed companion is an integral part of this world. Communication with a horse will be not less valuable, wonderful and inspiring.
Jiggling rhythmically with the hoofs beat, the voice of the stream and the birdsong you will enjoy the beauty of miraculous region of Svanetia, “land of thousand towers”, symbol of proud love to liberty, ancient abode of Svans. Horse riding tour in Georgia is an opportunity to get in shape, to slim down, to fill up with pure mountain air, to bath in crystal rivers and to taste real melted water. You will also enjoy Georgian cuisine and get many bright impressions from local east-mountain hospitality.
Our trip will pass through alpine meadows, we will ascent to mount Koruldi (if you order a 12 days tour), from which an unforgettable view of beauty Ushba, honor of Svanetia, is displayed. We will ride on horseback by south branches of the legendary Bezengi Wall and at the end we will cross over the Svanetian Range with gorgeous views of summits of the Greater Caucasus Range sparkling with perpetual snows.
In this tour you will be able to make two of your dreams come true: to visit Georgia and to communicate with horses. The interaction between a man and those smart animals has a positive healing effect, can assert salutary influence on your mood, inspire, fill you up with tranquility and confidence. This is a journey which will give you power and energy for the whole year. Moreover, the trekking itself is a small and bright life. You will definitely want to come back again and again.

Мaximum altitude: 3000 m
Best season: May - October


Day 1 - meeting in Kutaisi at the bus station till 3 p.m., transfer to Mestia village (or Langeri, 1400 m), overnight stop in a guesthouse,

Day 2 - excursion by Mestia, visiting modern Svanetia museum, taking photos of Mestia from the roofs of Svan towers, narzans, buying products, acquaintance with horses, overnight stop in a guesthouse,

Day 3 - start of the horse trekking, ascent to the range elevating over Mestia, wonderful view of surrounding mountains, going over to Ugyr pass, 1900 m, path, overnight stop in tents,

Day 4 - ascent to the south-western spur of Tetnuld mount, a nice triangular summit, descent to Adishi village, moving to the river crossing in the upper valley, 2260 m, path, overnight stop in tents,

Day 5 - radial walk to the biggest icefall at the southern side of the Greater Caucasus Range - Adishi, ascent to Chkhudner pass, 2720 m, descent to the Khaldechala valley, moving to Davberi village, path and dirt road, overnight stop in tents (guesthouse),

Day 6 - moving to Ushguli village, excursion. Here you can enjoy majestic view of Shkhara, the highest (over 5000 m) and one of the most difficult mountains in Georgian Caucasus. If we have time, we can have a horseback excursion to the upper waters of Inguri river, to the foot of Shkhara mount, dirt road, overnight stop in tents (guesthouse)

Day 7 - ascent to Gorvashi pass, 2900 m, going over to the lake on the Svanetian Range, path, overnight stop in tents,

Day 8 - going over to Latpari pass, 2830 m, descent to Davberi village, 1840 m, and, if possible, to Bogreshi village, dirt road, transfer to Mestia, overnight stop in a guesthouse,

Day 9 - departure

You can arrive 1-2 days earlier to any place in Georgia (if such flight is more convenient for you), we will advise you where to stop, what sites to visit and tell you the best way to get to the starting point. It's better to fly back home also 1-2 days later...Georgia is a beautiful country.

Price of the tour 745€. You should take about 200 with you for transfers, overnight stops in guesthouses (please see, what is not included in the price of the tour)

You should be ready for:

- We travel on horseback most the tour, our belongings are carried by horses, in camps you can take horseback radial walks,
- The tour is organized in a form of expedition, where the participants arrange their everyday life. Group equipment, food and cooking duties are equally divided between the participants. The participants put tents and cook themselves,
- Air temperature at 3000 m height can fall down to 0°C at night

The price of the tour includes:

- Guide services,
- Rent of horses, harness, services of horse-breeder,
- Overnight stops and food in guesthouses during 3 days of the tour (the 1st, the 2nd and the 8th),
- Staying in tents and camp food,
- Rent of group equipment (tents, repair kit, first aid kit, kitchen and navigation tools),
- Medical insurance

The price of the tour doesn't include:

- The cost of transfer from your place of residence to the starting point of the program (Kutaisi) and back (from Mestia), (Ukrainian International Airlines, Georgian Airlines, Wizzair offer flights from Kyiv to Tbilisi or Kutaisi),
- Payment for residence and food in guesthouses on the 5th and 6th days of the tour (overnight stop in guesthouses is optional, the price is about 20per night with 2 meals),
- Internal transfers (about 50), food and drinks during transfers

10-days weather forecast in Mestiaair temperature and precipitation statistics in Mestia map of Georgia, map of Svaneti

You can see photos from our past trips in the sections "Horse trekking in Georgia, Svanetia, 2013", "Svanetia in spring 2013",  "Georgia. Trekking in Svanetia. Mestia, Adishi, Ushguli”“Svanetia”“Tbilisi"

- When you book a place in the tour you should pay 250 prepayment and send scans/copies of tickets,
- The indicated price of the tour is for 7 persons, if the tour is ordered for a smaller group, the price shall be specified individually,
- Maximum number of participants in the tour is 10,
- When going to this tour you should know all the details of preparation, equipment and organization of a horse hike,
- Special requirements for participation in the tour: the absence of diseases incompatible with active tourism,
- The guide's decisions during the ascent are final and shall not be discussed. When taking part in the trip you certainly agree with all terms and conditions specified in the tour description,
- Please, read the useful information when preparing for the tour

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Horse trekking in Georgia
Horse trekking in Georgia
Horse trekking in Georgia
Horse trekking in Georgia
Horse trekking in Svanetia. Georgia
Horse trekking in Svanetia. Georgia
Horse trekking in Svanetia. Georgia
Horse trekking in Svanetia. Georgia
Horse trekking in Svanetia. Georgia
Horse trekking in Svanetia. Georgia
Horse trekking in Svanetia. Georgia
The hospitable people of Svans
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