Trekking in Georgia. Ascent of Layla

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8/14 days, 30.07

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A very active tour. Our trip starts from panoramic mountain hike, where we will overcome several easy passes and overlook majestic Svanetia. At the end of the tour we will make an ascent to mount Layla, 4008 m, the highest summit of the Svanetian (Layla) Range

Gamardjoba Sakartvelo!
Welcome to Georgia!


You can participate in the part of the program – only in trekking or in the ascent to mount Layla

Layla. The melodic name of this mount is translated from Svan language as “Flaming” and this attracts a lot. This mouht is really very appealing, it looks gorgeous in the early sunrise and sunset. The way to Layla will pass through picturesque corners of Svanetia full of magnificent sites. As usual everything will start from the acquaintance with the country.

Georgians adore their motherland, gently calling it Sakartvelo. It is very easy to fall in love with Georgia, “the country of kartvels”. This is the country for those who feel open to passionate sincere hospitality, beautiful mountains, warm sea, the subtropics of Batumi, the Shota Rustaveli ave and many other great and tiny pleasant things here. You can find everything in Georgia. For those who love antiquity there are plenty of ancient sites, churches and monasteries of the 12th century. For those who enjoy wine there is glorious Kakheti wine, for sea-lovers there is warm Adjariya, for those who love mountains – the Greater Caucasus Range, where more than 5000 m summints are situated. Cordial population, developed transport network, mobile communications allow you to build interesting and sport routes in Svanetia, the center of Georgian alpinism. In Mestia, the capital of Svanetia, every third person you meet is Hergiani, here you can find the museum of the great climber Michael Hergiani.

Multiple champion of Georgia in rock-climbing Zviad Hergiani will tell us with pleasure about Svanetia and Svans, about the history of mountain exploration. We can climb to old Svan towers, to taste real hachapury, Kindzmarauli and Hvanchkara, and if we wish we can have a swim in a warm Black Sea. 

This hiking tour in Georgia is based on the trekking by southern sidehills of the legendary Bezengi Wall. We will visit an ancient settlement of Ushguli, the land of Svan towers and the highest village of Europe. And those who climb to the Svanetian Range will see a unique panorama of the Greater Caucasus Range.

The zest of our trip in ascent to mount Layla. From its top you will be able to see marvellous Caucasus mountains spreading for more than 100 km from Dalar to Bezengi. There is no other mount giving such wonderful overview, as we will look at the whole Greater Caucasus Range from beyond. Layla is not yet a “popular” or “hyped” summit. We won’t meet crowds of climbers there. So it is really worth to hurry up and to use this opportunity. The difficulty of ascent to Layla is similar to Kazbek.

We recommend you not to limit yourself only with trekking and ascent. You should definitely spend more time in Georgia. We can propose you wonderful excursions by the whole country or separate regions (Kakheti, Borjomi,...), seaside rest and many other cool things. We will arrange transport and accommodation for you...Do not hurry up! Enjoy!

Welcome to Georgia, unique and exotic.  Any Georgian will say to you: “It is impossible to describe Georgia’s beauty! We can only sing about it”.

Maximum altitude: 3000 m – without ascent, 4000 m – with ascent to Layla
Best season: May – October 

Plan of the Program “trekking in georgia. Ascent to mount layla” day by day: 

Day 1 – meeting in Tbilisi, excursion by the city, Georgian cuisine, transfer to Zugdidi by night train,

Day 2 – meeting in Zugdidi at 7:00 at the railway station with other members of the group who are coming from other cities. There are buses from Kutaisi to Batumi. Transfer to Mestia, taking up residence in a guesthouse, excursion to Michael Hergiani museum, a prominent Soviet alpinist, preparation for trekking,

Day 3 – ascent to the range elevating over Mestia, wonderful view of surrounding mountains, moving to the beautiful pass, overnight stop in tents,

Day 4 – traverse of the western spur of Tetnuld mount. Wonderful panorama of Caucasus mountains – Ushba, Bashil, Tikhtingen, Svanetian Range. Descent to Adishi village (2100 m) and moving to Chkhudneri pass, overnight stop in tents in the forest,

Day 5 – radial walk to the biggest icefall of Georgia – Adishi (the height is about 2 km). After lunch we cross the river to the left bank, ascend to Chkhudneri pass (2720 m) and move to the upper waters of Khalde river (2250 m). Then we descend to Davberi village to the upper waters of Inguri river through the abandoned settlement of Khalde, overnight stop in tents (guesthouse*),

Day 6 – ascent to Latpari pass (2830 m) by easy mountain serpentine, overnight stop in tents near the lake,

Day 7 – moving to Ushguli through Gorvashi pass (2900 m), unique panoramas of the Great Caucasus. From this point you can see Shkhara, one of the most difficult 5000 m mountains in Georgia, walk (optional) by Ushguli, transfer to Mestia, overnight stop in a guesthouse,

Day 8 end of trekking, departure. The participants who are going to Layla ascent have some rest, excursion* to modern Svanetia museum, visiting Svan towers, overnight stop in a guesthouse,

Day 9 – transfer to Lezgara village. From this point we start the ascent to mount Layla. We can rent horses and ascend by the beautiful pine forest to the overnight stop in tents near the shepherd hut (2200 m),

Day 10 – ascent to the easy Chizhdi pass (3100 m), descent to the camp at 2850 m, overnight stop in tents,

Day 11 – ascent to Djvari pass, (1B difficulty, 3400 m), overnight stop in tents,

Day 12 – climbing to Layla (1B-2A difficulty, 4008 m), descent to Djvari pass, going back to the camp at 2850 m, overnight stop in tents,

Day 13 – spare day in case of bad weather,

Day 14 – descent to Lezgara village, transfer to Mestia or Zugdidi, departure

Those who want to participate only in the ascent to Layla should get to Meatia themselves on the 8th day of the program (price for ascent without trekking is 300)

Meeting with participants getting to the starting point other ways, can be arranged in Zugdidi at the railway station at 7:00, on the 2nd day of the tour

Trekking in Georgia. Ascent to mount Layla

Trekking in Georgia, 8 days

Trekking in Georgia with car escort and overnight stops only in guesthouses, 8 days, optional

Trekking in Georgia with ascent, 14 days

Price of the tour




Sum you should take with you for transfers, guesthouses, rent of horses




You should be ready for:

- Living in tetns and guesthouses in localities during the route,
- The tour is organized in a form of expedition, where the participants arrange their everyday life. Group equipment, food and cooking duties are equally divided between the participants. The participants put tents and cook themselves,
- The backpack weight is up to 15kg (in trekking with car escort you carry only cameras and sandwiches in your backpack),
- Air temperature at more than 3000 m height can fall down to -5-0°C at night

The price of the tour includes:

- Guide services,
- Staying in tents and food during the route,
- Rent of group equipment (tents, first aid kit, repair kit, kitchen and navigation tools),
- Medical insurance

The price of the tour doesn't include:

- The cost of transfer from your place of residence to the start point of the program (Tbilisi) and back (to Mestia, Lezgara),
- Internal transfers, food and payment for residence in localities, rent of horses (optional),
- Rent of special personal equipment during the ascent (50),
- Services outside the program, excursions, degustations, Roman baths,... 

Horse trekking in Svanetia and mount Kazbek ascent will help you to discover better the country.  

10-days weather forecast in Mestiaair temperature and precipitation statistics in Mestia map of Georgiamap of Svaneti

You can see photos from our past trips in the sections "Horse trekking in Georgia, Svanetia, 2013", "Svanetia in spring 2013",  "Georgia. Trekking in Svanetia. Mestia, Adishi, Ushguli”“Svanetia”“Tbilisi"

- When you book a place in the tour you should pay 150prepayment and send scans/copies of tickets,
- The indicated price of the tour is per 1 person in a group of 6 persons, if the tour is ordered for a smaller group, the price shall be specified individually,
- For groups consisting of over than 6 persons individual dates, trip schedule, services and route can be arranged,
- Maximum number of participants in trekking is 12, in the ascent – 8,
- Special requirements for participation in the tour: the absence of diseases incompatible with active tourism,
- The guide's decisions during the ascent are final and shall not be discussed. When taking part in the trip you certainly agree with all terms and conditions specified in the tour description,
- Please, read the useful information when preparing for the trip


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