First climbing Burjula, 4360m from the 90s. Karaugomsky plateau

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    Уникальные особенности восхождения, которые вы запомните навсегда

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    Racha – Georgian Switzerland

    plato 2 - First climbing Burjula, 4360m from the 90s. Karaugomsky plateau

    Karaugomsky plateau

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    Georgian hospitality

    Программа тура

    Hospitable Georgia still hides lots of secrets. Once you are in the Caucasus – the kingdom of mountains, glaciers & trekking routes – there are majestic summits raising to greet you. Among the most beautiful peaks in front of you is Burjula (4364m). The Ossetians call it Karaugomi. We invite you to be the first over the past 30 years who will climb Burjula from the legendary Karaugomskoe plateau. There are no places like this in the Alps or in the Caucasus. Its endless snow fields extend up to 9 km at the altitude of 3700-4000m. We are going there to discover a new trekking peak.

    Numerous climbers ascending the trekking peaks in the Caucasus such as Kazbek, Laila, Tetnuld, have never heard about the Karaugomskoe plateau. This place is unique. When the weather is fine, you feel that views are not simply beautiful enough, but a real fairytale land appears in front of you. It is mainly remembered only by the harsh climbers of the 80-90s. The second plateau in the Caucasus is the Ushbinskoe, which is much smaller and less picturesque.

    Estimated difficulty of climbing is 2B. Nobody has ascended this mountain such a way since 90s. Take your chance to be the first. Even the experienced soviet mountaineer A. Naumov, who is proudly considered to be the Caucasus guidebook guru, used to pass by Burjula. A lot of things have changed since then.

    Let’s go to the wild where there is no any garbage and queues of overcrowded Kazbek. Enjoy the nature beauty of the Georgian national parks, not to mention the Georgian hospitality, which will uncover all the magical charm of Georgia for you and will be just the icing on the cake in our journey.

    Day 1-5:

    Day 1: Meet in Kutaisi upon arrival, purchases of food, transfer to the village Oni (camping site “Wild bay”), get-to-know-you party and Khvanchkara testing.

    Day 2: Equipment preparation, transfer to the beginning of the route, ascent to the camp site at 1900m. Every day we will go slowly to ensure our smooth acclimatization. Spending night in the tents. Camp 1.

    Day 3: Climbing the alpine meadows. Our trek will offer amazing views of the southern slopes of the Main Caucasian Range. Spending night in the tents. Camp 2.

    Day 4: Continuing ascent to the base camp at 3400m. Spending night in the tents. Camp 3.

    Day 5: Day of skills training / further acclimatization. Snow and ice climbing / crampons use / glacier travel instructions during the training sessions in the neighbourhood. Railing on the plateau.

    Day 6-10:

    Day 6: Ascent to the plateau, route to the assault camp. Camp 4.

    Day 7: Ascent to the summit of Burjula, 4360m, descent back to the Camp 4, short rest, gathering the camp, descent to the Camp 3.

    Day 8: Descent to the village Shovi, transfer to the “Wild Bay” camping site in Oni. Dinner party. Relax.

    Day 9: Reserve day. If not used, it is possible to go rafting, exploring a cave with a river running through it, wine and mineral water tasting or just relaxing in hammocks with a hookah and delicious food.

    Day 10: End of expedition, departure to Kutaisi.

    Price includes:

    • meeting of the group at Kutaisi airport, transfer to the “Wild Bay” camping site in Oni
    • 2 gala dinners upon arrival and departure at the “Wild Bay” camping site
    • 2 breakfasts there
    • transfer to the beginning of the route and back
    • equestrian support (2-3 backpacks per horse) up to a height of 3200m
    • climbing permits (aka pass to the border zone)
    • rental of tents, ropes, navigation aids, kitchens
    • field nutrition while climbing
    • English-Russian-Ukrainian speaking guide
    • insurance
    • themed t-shirts
    • assistance in buying tickets, equipment rental, …

    Price Excludes:

    • flight to Kutaisi and back
    • rental of personal and special equipment (a backpack, a rug, a sleeping bag, an ice axe, crampons, a helmet, …)
    • meals and drinks outside the program, excursions, personal expenses.
    690 EUR (до 24.04, включено почти все)

    Репутация нашего клуба

    Наши особенности, продиктованные желаниями участников и многолетним опытом

    icons8 suitcase 1 1 - First climbing Burjula, 4360m from the 90s. Karaugomsky plateauВсегда есть план Б


    У нас всегда есть альтернативные сценарии путешествия и мы готовы воплощать их, исходя из запросов группы.

    icons8 passport 1 - First climbing Burjula, 4360m from the 90s. Karaugomsky plateauС нами ты гражданин мира


    С командой PlanB Вы погружаетесь в культуру страны, преодолеваете языковый барьер и становитесь «местным» в любой стране.

    icons8 user group man woman 1 - First climbing Burjula, 4360m from the 90s. Karaugomsky plateauКоманда профессионалов


    Наши гиды имеют разряды в спортивном туризме и путешествуют более 25 лет по самым разным точкам земного шара.

    icons8 waypoint map 1 - First climbing Burjula, 4360m from the 90s. Karaugomsky plateauАвторская программа


    С нами Вы увидите уникальные места, маршруты и получите уникальные эмоции.

    icons8 receive change 1 - First climbing Burjula, 4360m from the 90s. Karaugomsky plateauРазумная инвестиция


    Вы снижаете затраты на путешествия, за счет нашего опыта и сформированных групп.

    Важная информация

    Погодные условия

    Регулируют авиаперелеты, расположение заводов, ночное освещение. На Канарах расположен самый большой в мире зеркальный телескоп, здесь проводят научные фестивали, и только представить , как здесь хорошо фотографам.

    Дмитрий Гозак
    Ваш гид в путешествии

    Мы путешествуем десятки лет и каждый год открываем новые грани. Активный отдых подарит вам эмоции, яркие впечатления и откроет мир. Путешествие — идеальный лекарь, друг и советчик. Главное не бояться, начать и вы не сможете остановиться.


    Tour Details

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    Departure & Return Location

    John F.K. International Airport (Google Map)

    Departure Time

    3 Hours Before Flight Time

    Price Includes

    • Air fares
    • 3 Nights Hotel Accomodation
    • Tour Guide
    • Entrance Fees
    • All transportation in destination location

    Price Excludes

    • Guide Service Fee
    • Driver Service Fee
    • Any Private Expenses
    • Room Service Fees


    • Umbrella
    • Sunscreen
    • T-Shirt
    • Entrance Fees
    What to Expect

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    Day 1 Arrive in Zürich, Switzerland

    We’ll meet at 4 p.m. at our hotel in Luzern (Lucerne) for a “Welcome to Switzerland” meeting. Then we’ll take a meandering evening walk through Switzerland’s most charming lakeside town, and get acquainted with one another over dinner together. Sleep in Luzern (2 nights). No bus. Walking: light.

    Day 2Zürich–Biel/Bienne–Neuchâtel–Geneva

    Enjoy an orientation walk of Zurich’s OLD TOWN, Switzerland’s center of banking and commerce. Then, leave Zurich and start your Swiss adventure. You’ll quickly discover that Switzerland isn’t just home to the Alps, but also to some of the most beautiful lakes. First, stop at the foot of the Jura Mountains in the picturesque town of Biel, known as Bienne by French-speaking Swiss, famous for watch-making, and explore the historical center. Next, enjoy a scenic drive to lakeside Neuchâtel, dominated by the medieval cathedral and castle. Time to stroll along the lake promenade before continuing to stunning Geneva, the second-largest city in Switzerland, with its fantastic lakeside location and breathtaking panoramas of the Alps.

    Day 3Enchanting Engelberg

    Our morning drive takes us from Swiss lakes to Swiss Army. At the once-secret Swiss army bunker at Fortress Fürigen, we’ll see part of the massive defense system designed to keep Switzerland strong and neutral. Afterward, a short drive into the countryside brings us to the charming Alpine village of Engelberg, our picturesque home for the next two days. We’ll settle into our lodge then head out for an orientation walk. Our stroll through the village will end at the Engelberg Abbey, a Benedictine monastery with its own cheese-making operation. You’ll have free time to wander back before dinner together. Sleep in Engelberg (2 nights). Bus: 1 hr. Walking: light.

    Day 4Interlaken Area. Excursion to The Jungfrau Massif

    An unforgettable trip to the high Alpine wonderland of ice and snow is the true highlight of a visit to Switzerland. Globus Local Favorite At an amazing 11,332 feet, the JUNGFRAUJOCH is Europe’s highest railway station. Jungfrau’s 13,642-foot summit was first ascended in 1811 and in 1912 the rack railway was opened. There are lots of things to do here: enjoy the ALPINE SENSATION, THE PANORAMA 360° EXPERIENCE, and the ICE PALACE. Also receive your JUNGFRAU PASSPORT as a souvenir to take home with you. The round trip to the “Top of Europe” by MOUNTAIN TRAIN will take most of the day.

    Day 5Lake Geneva and Château de Chillon

    It’s market day in Lausanne! Enjoy browsing and packing a picnic lunch for our 11 a.m. boat cruise on Lake Geneva. A few miles down-shore we’ll dock at Château de Chillon, where we’ll have a guided tour of this delightfully medieval castle on the water. On our way back we’ll take time to peek into the vineyards surrounding Lutry before returning to Lausanne. Boat: 2 hrs. Bus: 1 hr. Walking: moderate.